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Houston Texans Players On Social Media

See the latest social media contributions from your Houston Texans as they check in just a couple of weeks before the start of training camp.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It may be the dog-days of the offseason, but the end is in sight!  We are now just a couple of weeks from the start of training camp and HBO's "Hard Knocks" series that will feature your Houston Texans.

The Mothership posted a weekly review of social media content from the players as they wrap up their brief time away from football.  It should be no surprise that J.J. Watt and Duane Brown checked in from training sessions as they continue to prepare for the 2015 season.

Here are a few highlights they included in the article:

Is that 615 pounds he is squatting?!!  Watt continues to push the physical limits of the known universe.

Late night workout in Paris. Never losing sight of the objective, even on vacation. Almost that time

A photo posted by Duane Brown (@duanebrown76) on

No rest for the best!  It's great to see Duane Brown staying in shape even as he travels through Europe.

A photo posted by VINCE WILFORK (@teamwilfork) on

Vince Wilfork is quite the family man!  I'm really looking forward to this season with him anchoring the middle of that stout defense.


So what are YOU doing out there during these hot July days leading up to some real football?  Share your comments below.