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Who Do You Want As The Texans' Starting QB For 2015?

Less than two weeks before training camp opens, we are checking the pulse of fans to see who they want as the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans this season. Vote and share your opinion.

"See you in Houston."
"See you in Houston."
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

There are just ten days left until 2015 Houston Texans training camp is officially underway.  HBO's "Hard Knocks" cameras will be poised throughout the practice fields and in meeting rooms, capturing those behind-the-scenes moments that make the show so popular.  One of the biggest narratives to unfold in this year's production will be the looming battle between signal-callers and the eventual naming of a starting quarterback for the 2015 season.

The national media has already penciled in Brian Hoyer as the favorite to win the job.  Is it because Hoyer has started more games than Ryan Mallett, or has a more lucrative contract?  Is it just lazy reporting and/or assumptions so they can move along to a more popular nationally covered NFL team?

We don't know what Bill O'Brien and George Godsey are going to decide.  What we do know is that you should expect an announcement early in camp so that the offense can get humming quickly to develop critical chemistry for a successful start to the regular season.

So what say you?  Who do you want to see under center, and why?