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Photoshop Battle: J.J. Watt's Ridiculously Happy Face

Do you have photoshop skills, a fine appreciation for getting a cheap laugh, and absolutely nothing better to do on a Friday? Join us as BRB has some fun together at the expense of J.J. Watt's perfectly expressive mug.

The kind of face that quarterbacks have nightmares about...
The kind of face that quarterbacks have nightmares about...

In case you have not seen it already, J.J. Watt decided to help a clerk for Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett tell her husband that they are expecting their first child. Not one to contain his generosity to just one person, Houston’s favorite son also provided the internet with possibly the most photoshoppable face in the history of the world. We here at BRB pride ourselves on never missing an opportunity for stupid humor, and in honor of that tradition we are throwing a little impromptu photoshop contest on this beautiful July Friday.

Here is the original image, courtesy of Justice Willett’s personal twitter account.

And here are some fun templates to play with for those who have neither the time nor the inclination to make their own.

Watt holding template

Watt head template 2

In other random J.J. Watt-related news, it seems as though some old home movies have surfaced from one of Watt’s first – and probably best – Christmases. Oh to be a kid again…

Watt N64

Have at it, BRB. Post your own creations in the comments for a chance to win…well…absolutely nothing. We’re cheap like that.