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Saturday Night's Alright for Commenting: July 18, 2015

Eight days until we can say "we've made it, we've survived the NFL offseason!" Until then, come spend the last full weekend before our deliverance wiping off some S.N.O.T.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans open their 2015 training camp with the rookies reporting July 26th, and the vets July 31st. That makes this next week their final week of rest and relaxation before the grind that is the NFL begins. It also makes this coming week our final week of surviving without football-ish things to focus on. When OB opens camp, he'll be accompanied by HBO's "Hard Knocks" cameras, so we can get a closer view of the grind as experienced in H-town.

Even though the Texans have been on hiatus since the end of OTAs, the players haven't been invisible. Arian Foster is buying college textbooks for a needy fan, J.J. Watt is meeting A-listers and doling out Reeboks to high school football teams, Vince Wilfork is dancing and eating something somewhere in Houston, and Brian Cushing is smashing his forehead into a brick wall in anticipation of the season. Brian Hoyer is hanging out with Toro trying to get kids to eat right.

The Astros returned from the All-Star break and got back to their winning ways, taking the first game against the Rangers last night. The Silver Boot Series continues throughout the weekend; hopefully the 'Stros can regain the top spot in the AL West and return to their early-season form instead of this horrific nightmare stretch they've been in. They'll also welcome the Red Sox before traveling to face the Royals.

The NBA free agency signing period is still going on, but only lesser lights are being talked about now after the frenzy of last week. The Rockets may still be looking to add pieces to their roster, of course. With Morey, anything is possible. The Houston Dash will be traveling to play FC Kansas City on Monday, while the Houston Dynamo are playing Real Salt Lake at Rio Tinto Stadium tonight, and Sporting Kansas City away on Tuesday in the US Open Cup.

People that enjoy golf (I'm sure some of y'all exist), can watch what's left of The Open, depending on whether Mother Nature cooperates. While the Pan-American games have been underway on BSPN's alternate channels for a minute now.

In movie news, last I read, this was getting some lawyers hot and bothered over estate rights. He might be correct, but it all sounds like sour grapes since he was forced out. Some Greek fire to add to the misery. Sad, but not unexpected, update on Bianchi. Awww, poor kittens; a flood has left homeless felines without toys and lovies. I'm trying to picture this, and I'm just not capable of it.

As I thought about this piece, for some reason, Les Mis' One Day More came to mind, perhaps because we have eight days more. Either way, here's the live version:

And with that, folks, S.N.O.T. is open. Share your comments--but not your mucus--in the Comments below.