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Arian Foster Buys Textbooks For College Student, Once Again Demonstrates It's Easy To Be A Texans Fan

Break up the monotony of stories about NFL people behaving badly with a truly heartwarming story of one of the best running backs in the NFL responding to a fan's request for help.

One of the good guys.
One of the good guys.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With so much legitimately questionable conduct (and I'm not just talking about the players) floating around out there, it can be hard to be a fan of the NFL. Those of us who have elected to back the Houston Texans, however, have it much, much easier than fans of other teams.

Here at BRB, we always try to highlight the good things members of the Houston Texans organization do off the field, and Arian Foster just gave us a new reason to boast about the team we love. It all played out on Twitter when a fan reached out to Foster, presumably joking in his request that the Texans' All-World running back pay for his college textbooks.

Much to Ernesto's surprise, Foster responded.

Then this happened.

Ernesto gave a bit more background on the story and explained how things eventually worked out in this interview with the Sporting News. Bottom line:

The two exchanged some tweets discussing specifics like how much the books cost and where Guerrero lived. After the brief conversation, Foster game him an email to contact through a direct message. He told Guerrero "we'll make it happen."

Thanks to the generosity displayed by Foster and a seemingly innocent Tweet, Guerrero can continue his education at Texas A&M International in Laredo, Texas.

I feel fortunate that I get to type some variation of the following sentence as often as I do: It's easy to be a fan of the Houston Texans because of stuff like this. Kudos, Arian. You make us proud.