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Houston Texans Interested In Signing Reggie Wayne?

The Indianapolis Colts signed a wide receiver whose entire career had been spent with the Houston Texans. Could the Texans now be in a position to make a similar move in reverse?

A final ride in Houston?
A final ride in Houston?
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Although Reggie Wayne made it clear he wanted to return for one more season with the only NFL team he's ever played for, the Indianapolis Colts decided to end the relationship and addressed their issues at wide receiver by signing another veteran with an impressive resume of his own. Despite the fact that Wayne has yet to find a new employer, the wideout says he's been contacted by several teams that have professed an interest in signing him.

One of those teams allegedly intrigued by the idea of bringing Reggie Wayne to town? Your Houston Texans, according to one report.

At this late point of his career, would you be in favor of the Texans adding Reggie Wayne to the current roster? Or do you feel like Houston is in fine shape at wide receiver? Is your answer entirely dependent on what kind of money it would cost (e.g., you'd be on board with the addition if it came on a one-year contract for the veteran minimum but against it if the contract called for more than that)? Weigh in via the Comments below.

UPDATE: Mark Berman says the Texans are not in fact interested in signing Reggie Wayne.