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Houston Texans Release Epic Training Camp Hype Video

Unless you are a baseball fan, summer is pretty much the worst part of the sports calendar. Luckily for us, the Texans have put out an amazing video to remind us what kind of sweet, sweet football goodness is just around the corner.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Oooooooh, baby, it’s about that time again! Summer vacation is almost over, the pads are about to come out, and we’re getting back to football. To commemorate the semi-official start of training camp in less than one week with rookies reporting on July 26th (veterans on July 31st), the Texans' media team has released one of the slickest hype videos you’ll ever see. For those of you who have trouble loading content on the official Texans site, here is a direct source that should play a bit faster.

As a reminder – not that it is entirely necessary but I will give one anyway – Texans training camp this year will be filmed with depth and detail never before seen in Houston, as HBO comes to town for Hard Knocks 2015. Here is the also-totally-awesome trailer that HBO released a while back when the Texans were confirmed as the subject for this season.

We’re just days away now; this hype train stops for no one.