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If Ryan Mallett Is Named The Texans' Starting Quarterback, Houston Will Win The AFC South

So goes the theory espoused by's Dave Dameshek. Do Texans fans agree?

(AFC South) Championship?
(AFC South) Championship?
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports's Dave Dameshek recently put forth three (3) bold quarterback related theories via this "Reckless Shekulation" column, and one of them involves your Houston Texans. Keep in mind that the other two predictions in the article involve Johnny Manziel being the Browns' best option at QB and Andy Dalton not being the Bengals' best option at QB before you read the following.

Got sufficient grains of salt? Good. Read on.

Ryan Mallett is the man to take Houston to the playoffs.

Word out of Houston is, Bill O'Brien is leaning toward Brian Hoyer as his starting quarterback. By the end of August, though, I suspect he'll come to his senses and give Ryan Mallett the job.

I don't have to list the Texans' (super)human assets ... This team is ripe, talented enough at every position -- yes, quarterback included -- to be a legitimate threat in the AFC this year. Mallett was a first-round talent who fell to the third round of the 2011 NFL Draft because of some off-field naughtiness at Arkansas. He also has one of the five best arms in the NFL. He learned at the knee of Tom Brady in New England for three years. And in his first year with the Patriots, his offensive coordinator was ... Bill O'Brien. If O'Brien makes the right choice coming out of training camp and anoints Mallett No. 1, the Texans will win the AFC South -- and they just might go as far as the Super Bowl, a.k.a. pro football's Zihuatanejo.

While I--an admitted Texans fan--won't go as far as to equate the decision to start Ryan Mallett as fait accompli for the AFC South crown returning to Houston in 2015, I appreciate the bold prediction. Are you as adamant about Mallett starting over Brian Hoyer as Dameshek is?