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Saturday Night's Alright for Commenting: July 25, 2015

We made it!!!! We've survived the off-season. Talk about it on BRB.

He might be a fat kicker, but he's OUR fat kicker.
He might be a fat kicker, but he's OUR fat kicker.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow, the Texans rookies report to Kirby Drive to begin their first NFL training camp and Texans fans around the land rejoice in real, live, football-ish things going on! It's been a long, hard summer, complete with heat, humidity, earthquakes, and flooding, but it's all been worth it, because the Texans are re-convening and we're going to get to watch the entire thing unfold courtesy of HBO's "Hard Knocks."

There's never really an offseason for NFL players, because players are still training and watching film even when the games aren't going on and they aren't at the practice facility. As OTAs broke, All-Universe DE J.J. Watt reminded his teammates:

"Every single day, you need to do something to make yourself better than everybody else. That’s the only way we’re going to improve. We can’t be satisfied with just being good."

With that ringing in their ears, I'd like to think the 90 men who will convene over the next week spent the past few weeks working on their mindsets, their bodies, and their football knowledge and skills. There are 53 spots on an NFL team, as well as 10 spots on a practice squad, so there will be at least 27 men whom OB and Rick decide don't fit with what they're trying to achieve.

First up are the rookies, many of whom are essentially unknowns to all but their family and friends. Outside of the "big" names, like Jaelen Strong, Keith Mumphery, and Benardrick McKinney, are there any that stand out to you? Like most of y'all, I'm sure plenty of these guys are camp bodies, who are trying for a spot on the practice squad, but every season it seems like some camp battle results in a previously-overlooked player making his way to the final roster.

In non-football news, the Astros swept the Red Sox, Bills WR/KR Marquise Goodwin is one step closer to qualifying for his second Olympic Games with his long jump silver medal won at the Pan American Games, and Sean Penn is looking for a pregnant black woman in South Africa who is ready to give birth (no, seriously).

In music this week, I'm bringing Nick Hakim to your ears. He's an underrated singer-songwriter, I discovered through my love of The Strivers' Row, a poetry collective. I chose to embed the live version of the song, because 1) he uses it on his YouTube channel, and 2) I like it more than the more polished versions of the song.

Since S.N.O.T. is open to just about any and everything, feel free to opine in the comments below. Please remember to be polite to and about one another, even if you struggle to be polite about one another's comments.