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Houston Texans Place Jadeveon Clowney On Preseason Active/PUP List

The Houston Texans have placed Jadeveon Clowney on the active/PUP list as training camp gets underway. Find out what that means on Battle Red Blog.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In what is hardly an earth-shattering development after what Bill O'Brien said, news just broke on Twitter that Jadeveon Clowney was placed on the pre-season active/PUP list:

First of all, as Ganguli said...


This is just a procedural move by the organization in ensuring proper roster management with the league.  Once Clowney is able to join the team in full practices, he can be removed from the list.

Here is the definition as it relates to this situation:

  1. A player who, as a result of football-related injuries, is unable to take part in training camp practices may be assigned to the preseason PUP list. Players can be moved off the PUP list to the active roster at any time, even after one practice.

Thus, the Texans can take Clowney off the PUP List at any time during training camp. No need to lose your mind.

EDIT: Adding these other roster/injury updates to this news as well:

So you see, everything is just fine.  Carry on about your afternoon.