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Tom Brady Suspension Upheld, Le'Veon Bell Suspension Reduced: Is It Fair?

The appeal decisions for the suspensions of Tom Brady and Le'Veon Bell have finally been handed down by the league offices in New York. Although the Houston Texans aren't directly involved, fans react to the news on Battle Red Blog.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Two gigantic bombshells have rocked the NFL today as the appeal decisions for both Tom Brady and Le’Veon Bell have been released. In short, Brady’s four-game suspension has been upheld, while Bell’s original three-game suspension has been reduced to two games.

For those who are keeping track at home, Bell is now going to make his return against possibly the best front seven in the world when the Steelers visit the St Louis Rams in week three; I’m sure he’ll have oodles of fun with that.

Back on the subject of Brady, here is a copy of the complete decision by Roger Goodell to uphold the four-game ban.

What do you think of the final appeal decisions?  Should Brady have received a lesser punishment, or was four games justified? Is Bell’s reduced suspension fair when looked at it in context against Brady’s? Sound off below.