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Where Does Bill O'Brien Really Rank Among NFL Head Coaches?

Texans fans were predictably disagreeable about a recent ranking of head coaches, but where do they really think Bill O'Brien slots in among his peers?

No worse than No. 8 in the NFL right now, I'd say.
No worse than No. 8 in the NFL right now, I'd say.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Brett's post yesterday about one analyst's ranking of current NFL head coaches got me thinking that I really should get some sort of new content up today and I had no original ideas, so I figured this would work as well as anything. While virtually every fan of the Houston Texans finds Bill O'Brien coming in at No. 23 in a 32 coach ranking patently absurd, the issue of where O'Brien does fit in relation to his peers is surely debatable.

So it is with that thought in mind I ask you, BRB: Where would you rank Bill O'Brien among NFL head coaches? More to the point, which current NFL head coaches would you rank ahead of him?

Although I fully admit and embrace my bias, as well as recognizing the incredibly small sample size we have of Bill O'Brien as a head coach in the NFL, I found it to be an extremely short list. As in, there are two other current NFL head coaches I'd comfortably put ahead of O'Brien at the moment, and I'd be willing to listen to arguments about another five head coaches being better than the Houston Texans' head coach. What say you?