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MMQB Ranks Brian Hoyer 28th Among NFL Quarterbacks

Just when we were getting excited about the 2015 season, Monday Morning Quarterback decided to dash those hopes by reminding us how precarious the Texans' quarterback situation really is.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Monday Morning Quarterback, courtesy of Andy Benoit, has put out their preseason rankings of the top 32 quarterbacks in the league, and the Texans are appropriately near the bottom of the barrel – 28th to be exact. Here is what MMQB had to say about Houston’s uneasy (and that is putting it kindly) situation under center:

28. Brian Hoyer, Texans

Plays well on the move. But appears to be one of those guys defenses figure out the more they see of him on tape.

Never mind the fact that Ryan Mallett is nowhere to be found on this list at all.  Even if Hoyer ends up winning the starting job in Houston, his ranking is a stark reminder about just how unpredictable the 2015 season really is for the Texans. Rick Smith and company have assembled an undoubtedly strong roster over the past two summers; it is dotted with superstars and unsung role players on both sides of the ball. However, until the Texans find a quarterback that can outperform a 28th place ranking, this team will struggle to capitalize on all of that dominant talent.

Help us, Bill O'Brien. You're our only hope.