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NFL Friday Night Preseason Football: Six Games To Watch

The 2015 NFL preseason may have officially begun last Sunday with the Hall of Fame Game, but it's in full swing now. Find out which 12 teams are playing tonight and talk about what you're watching on Battle Red Blog.

Hey, I know those guys.
Hey, I know those guys.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Although you may not have much interest in watching Marcus Mariota make his preseason debut for the Titans, or Gary Kubiak and several past members of the Texans' coaching staff make their preseason debut for the Broncos, or Blake Bortles endeavoring to show pronounced growth in his second season under center for the Jaguars, I trust you have interest in watching football.  After months in the desert that is the offseason, the NFL has another six (6) games scheduled for this evening.  The specifics:

6 p.m. CDT
Tennessee Titans v. Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers v. Buffalo Bills

6:30 p.m. CDT
Pittsburgh Steelers v. Jacksonville Jaguars
New York Giants v. Cincinnati Bengals

9 p.m. CDT
St. Louis Rams v. Oakland Raiders
Denver Broncos v. Seattle Seahawks

Which game(s) will you be focusing on? Regardless of your answer, you may use this open thread to share your observations of same this evening. Enjoy the appetizer to Texans-49ers.