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"Or" Removed From Texans QB Depth Chart Between Brian Hoyer And Ryan Mallett

Here is something to file away under "mildly interesting". The Texans seem to have removed a very important word from their depth chart. Is it a clue as to who will be starting the preseason opener at quarterback?

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

The Texans have pulled a fast one...or at least we think they' have. After releasing their first official depth chart a few days ago that listed Brian Hoyer OR Ryan Mallett as the starting quarterback, that same "or" has mysteriously disappeared from the official depth chart on the team's website.

Texans depth chart

Whether the absence of that oh-so-important conjunction is due to technical reasons or some sort of sly attempt to avoid creating a story about the order of Hoyer and Mallett's names is unknown.  Ether way, it is worth pointing out. Regardless of who "starts" the game, however, it is still likely that Hoyer and Mallett will get equal opportunities to prove themselves against the Niners' defense this weekend. Hell, I half expect Hoyer to get time with the starters in game one while Mallett gets time with the starters in game two against the Broncos (as has been the trend in training camp practices thus far) with a final decision being made before the "dress rehearsal" game against the Saints in Week Three.

What say you, BRB? Is this competition even close to being finally, mercifully over?

UPDATE: False start?