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Texans v. 49ers: What Players Are Expected To Be Held Out Of Action?

We know of at least one Texan who won't play in Houston's preseason opener tomorrow night. Who else should you not count on seeing on the field from both teams?

No XSF tomorrow night.
No XSF tomorrow night.
Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

It would appear that walking boot won't be coming off Xavier Su'a-Filo in time for him to take the field for the Texans' preseason opener against the 49ers tomorrow night.

According to the depth chart the team released earlier this week, Jeff Adams will step in as Houston's starting left guard in XSF's absence.

At the time of this post, we don't know who, if anyone, else will be held out of Saturday night's game from the Texans' perspective (except Reshard Cliett, Arian Foster, and Jadeveon Clowney, I suppose). With regard to the 49ers, our friends at Niners Nation have put together a great list of "...ten players who will stay in Santa Clara, as well as one player who will travel but not play, and one who might not play."

I'll leave you with this: Are there any members of the Houston Texans you believe should absolutely not play in tomorrow's preseason opener? Answer that query in the Comments below.

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