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Post Game Recap: 49ers 10, Texans 23

Your Houston Texans pull out a win, and the QB battle rages along. Talk about it on Battle Red Blog.

The future!...A lethal defensive weapon in air-warfare.
The future!...A lethal defensive weapon in air-warfare.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Texans win!

Seeing as this is the first game of our 2015 preseason, let's make this quick with random notes:

The QB battle is far from over, and Tom Savage might be making a case to make it a three-way.

Brian Hoyer looked good briefly, but not enough to judge his passing game.

Ryan Mallett was limited while they focused on running plays.  Not enough pass plays to make a ruling.

UPDATE:  Word is that Mallett doesn't have a life-threatening injury.  He just "had to see a man about a horse."

The offensive line will be given a load of heat from the coaches on Monday morning for that mess on the goal line.

Tom Savage looked remarkably good.

Cecil Shorts III showed amazing separation and speed in his touchdown reception.

Kevin Johnson looked outstanding!

Kourtnei Brown had an excellent night.

Louis Nix had a good amount of reps and made some plays.

Jaelen Strong had a beautiful back shoulder reception from Savage for a touchdown.

I have absolutely no idea what to think of the running backs yet.  It was a vanilla offense with a mix of starters and backups along the offensive line.  I noticed Houston started the game with Ben Jones at left guard while they gave James Ferentz reps at center.

Brian Cushing is making Seth Payne question men's haircuts.

Well, you got to see your Texans in a football game tonight!  Chat about it here.  The usual rules apply.

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