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NFL Sunday Preseason Football: Indianapolis Colts v. Philadelphia Eagles

OMG, Y'all, we have Sunday football! Talk about the Colts-Eagles preseason game live on Battle Red Blog.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since early February, NFL football will be played on a Sunday. Sure, it's just the preseason, and sure it's not our Texans, but it's a sign that the regular season is inching closer, day by day.

The Colts will be traveling to the Land of Brotherly Shove to challenge Chip Kelly's Eagles (or what's left of them after he's spent an offseason shipping out some stalwarts and bringing in some new guys). This should prove a good chance to see what all the fuss has been about up in Philly, especially as to conditioning for his new guys (early afternoon games in the August heat cannot be fun for fans, much less for the guys sweating on the field).

We already know DeMarco Murray will not be playing, and Robert Mathis is still recovering from that season-ending injury he experienced while training during his PED suspension, but Andrew Luck and Tim Tebow should get some time (especially Tebow, because Chip is really not loving Matt Barkley still being on his team). It'll be interesting to watch the Eagles' D, which includes former Texans Connor Barwin and DeMeco Ryans, former Seahawk Byron Maxwell, former Bill Kiko Alonso, Mychal Kendricks, and Emmanuel Acho. It'll also be interesting to see how the Evan Mathis-less Eagles do against the Clots' defensive front 7 (new Eagle John Moffitt left football for a period to get his drug issues under control). It'll also be interesting to see how much of a role new-Clot Andre Johnson will play in their offense, given the number of WRs they possess, and what Frank Gore can do behind an O-line that has historically shown little inclination to protect their QB.

This game will air live on NFLN and wraps up week one of the NFL Preseason. What are you looking to see? Comment below.