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Hard Knocks - Houston Texans, Ep. 02: Start Time, TV Schedule, and Live Stream

Last week, HBO unveiled the first episode of this season's "Hard Knocks" coverage of our favorite team. We get a second helping tonight.

The man in the middle of the defense.
The man in the middle of the defense.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, HBO unveils the second episode of the 2015 season of Hard Knocks. This evening, Texans fans (and other NFL fans) across the land will tune in to HBO (or other legal alternatives) at 9:00 CT to see what else the Hard Knocks crew has uncovered about the NFL's second most secretive franchise.

While last week introduced us to the Wilforks, J.J. Watt's rap and workout game, and a Texas bat colony, this week promises to go up close and personal with the Cushings and the Watts, as well as DeAndre Hopkins' sock collection, and hopefully some coverage of our first preseason game, a victory over the suffering 49ers.

To whet our appetite, HBO gave us this teaser.  I know I'm not the only Texan fan who hopes that Brian Cushing returns to being "the man," and Alfred Blue shows himself capable of shouldering some of the burden with Arian Foster's loss.

Join in as we follow the drama live!

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