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Whether Cameras Are Around Or Not, J.J. Watt Truly Gets It

With all the attention he gets, it's become increasingly common for people to criticize J.J. Watt. Here's a great example of why that's foolish.

Legitimately kind.
Legitimately kind.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Many people, mostly outside if Houston but certainly not all outside of Houston, have reached a point of J.J. Watt overload. He's on virtually every medium you can imagine, seemingly all the time.  With the glowing coverage both he and his football talent receive, some people have gone as far as to label him a phony or to root for his fall from grace. Some critics argue that J.J. Watt is putting on an act, that his repeated demonstrations of hard work and decency are little more than fodder for the camera in a news cycle that gobbles up every bit of content it can.

I won't speak on behalf of all Texans fans here. I will say, however, that Texans fans I interact with aren't usually nearly as skeptical of J.J., perhaps because we've been exposed to repeated examples of J.J. Watt doing good after good after good in our community. That, and he plays for our team, so we're inclined to support our own.

The critics who think Watt's a fake? That he's simply playing the media? That he's manipulating the story to his own ends? Please read this.