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Houston Texans Roster Moves: Chris Neild Signed, Will Yeatman Cut

The Houston Texans made a couple of roster moves on the eve of training camp opening. Check out what it could mean as Bill O'Brien and his staff evaluate who will make the first 53 man squad of the year.

That beard'll play in Houston.
That beard'll play in Houston.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The newest beat reporter for your Houston Texans had it first (or at least I saw it from him first):

Immediate thoughts in reaction to the news...

1. That two-year contract for Yeatman didn't really pan out for the Texans, though the financial ramifications are minimal.

2. It's obviously extraordinarily early, but Yeatman's departure would seem to bode well for Aaron Adams' chances of making the team out of camp, wouldn't it?

3.  How many nose tackles will the Texans carry?  Does Neild have a legitimate shot of beating out Louis Nix for the honor of backing up Vince Wilfork?

4. Good to see Alan Bonner off the injury report. If he can't stay off of it, he may not be long for Houston.