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Which Texans Players Will You Be Focused On Tonight?

This week, the pressure mounts up even more for many of the players who are trying to make the team. Who is going to break out this week against the Broncos with a solid performance? Join the conversation on Battle Red Blog.

Charles James: "I have my 'happy' socks!"
Charles James: "I have my 'happy' socks!"
Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

The clock is ticking for many of the 90 players currently on the Houston Texans' roster.  Tonight's game will, in many ways, be like a final exam to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Why?  Because next week the focus will be about preparing the starters for game three against New Orleans next Sunday, August 30th.  Two days later, the team will have to cut 15 players to get the roster down to 75.

To avoid being in that first wave of cuts, players need to nail their performance tonight and prove that they belong with the team.  The coaches aren't looking for a mistake-free outing, but they want to see players making progress and not repeating previous errors.  Anyone who isn't moving forward in their development could be waived on September 1st.

One player who I will be focused on tonight is Charles James II.  His personality was captured on camera during the latest episode of "Hard Knocks," and he is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Who are you most interested in seeing in tonight's game?

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