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Texans-Broncos Final Score: Broncos 14, Texans 10

The Texans played an ugly game and surrendered a loss to the Broncos in their second preseason game of 2015. Talk about it on Battle Red Blog.

Get well soon, Foster.  No, really.
Get well soon, Foster. No, really.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Johnson, Charles James and Kourtnei Brown should get game balls.  The rest of the team should be sent over the bridge to the practice field for an "all-nighter."  The offensive line was atrocious, and the quarterback position is still a massive question mark for the Houston Texans.

Don't panic though.  It's preseason.  The coaches and players will go to work in addressing the issues.  There's plenty of time to get things sorted out for the regular season.  This is going to be a busy week based on what we saw tonight.

Some tweets that caught my eye tonight...

Oh, and just to tip the dumpster while it is smoldering a little here in Houston...

Don't fret, fans.  Bill O'Brien and company will get all over the mistakes and next game should be better with perhaps a full compliment of starters.  Shake it off, and have a good weekend.


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