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Hard Knocks Episode 3: TV Schedule, Streaming, Story Lines and More!

We are about to cross the halfway mark of Hard Knocks with the Houston Texans. Join the rest of us on BRB as we all watch the premiere of episode three!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The third episode of Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Houston Texans premieres tonight on HBO at 9:00 PM CT. You can also stream it using HBO GO or HBO NOW if you do not have a television and/or cable subscription; be aware that new episodes will not appear on the HBO GO service until the day after the episode premieres.

Tonight should be an absolutely loaded episode with Jadeveon Clowney making his return to practice, Bill O’Brien choosing a starting quarterback, and of course rookie tight end Khari Lee hilariously impersonating his new head coach. With any luck, we might also get some more cameos from Charles James’ socks (fingers crossed).

Here is a quick schedule for show times and dates for the rest of the season:

Tuesday, August 25th: 9:00 PM CT

Tuesday, September 1st: 9:00 PM CT

Tuesday, September 8th: 9:00 PM CT

Consider this your open thread for episode three. We ask that you please refrain from posting any illegal streams in the comments section so that we don’t get in any legal trouble. Thank you, and enjoy the show!