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Video: Watch Bill O'Brien Tell Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett Who The Texans' Starting QB Will Be

Bill O'Brien is a damn good people person. Perhaps that skill was never more on display than last night's episode of "Hard Knocks," where O'Brien had to tell the quarterbacks who his starter would be.

If you do not have access to the glorious HBO programming that is Hard Knocks but still want to see the moment that Bill O’Brien told Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer who would be starting at quarterback for the Texans this year, fear not.  We’ve got you covered.

The Texans put the clip up on their website today for all to see, and it is practically a clinic from O’Brien on how to deliver bad news while simultaneously keeping his personnel motivated. Hell, workplace leadership seminars should just have this clip on loop for two hours and it would be just as effective.

O’Brien was direct, yet nuanced – tough, but pragmatic. To discourage complacency, O'Brien told Brian Hoyer that he will have to fight for his job every single week, while also implying to Mallett that he should be ready to go at a moment’s notice if Hoyer falters. Both men left that room with more motivation than ever despite O’Brien delivering devastating and/or happy news simultaneously. That is how a team leader operates, people. Thank God he’s on our side.