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2015 Houston Texans Training Camp: Get To Know More About Chris Polk

Last night's episode of "Hard Knocks" had quite a bit on Texans running back Chris Polk as he fights to stick on Houston's 53-man roster. Thanks to some great video and interview footage of Polk as he trained for the 2012 NFL Combine, fans can learn even more about him.

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Chicken and shrimp.
Chicken and shrimp.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Although he hasn't been in Houston long, Houston Texans running back Chris Polk was heavily featured in last night's episode of "Hard Knocks". In between footage of Polk tearing things up on the practice field and in the preseason game against the Broncos, viewers learned that Bill O'Brien thinks very highly of the fourth-year player, thanks in large part to Polk abusing the Texans while playing for the Eagles last year. Oh, and Polk's mom used to engage in tackling drills with her son when he was a lad.  I have to think she's in pretty exclusive company in that regard.

You can hear more from Polk and his background, plus find more reasons to root for him to make the Texans' 53-man roster, thanks to the video below. Made by the good people at Athlete Interactive, it was taken in the days leading up to Polk participating in the 2012 NFL Combine. It's long (more than 18 minutes), but it's worth a watch.

Before the Beginning With Chris Polk from Athlete Interactive on Vimeo.