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Bill O'Brien On Ryan Mallett Missing Practice: "It Was Personal"

Ryan Mallett missing practice may be just a private matter he needed to attend to today, but could it be something else brewing over on Kirby? Join the conversation on Battle Red Blog.

"You're not getting to me!"
"You're not getting to me!"
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully Ryan Mallett just needed the day off to attend to some personal matters.  On the other hand, the timing of this looks a bit suspicious, given that Bill O'Brien announced Brian Hoyer as the starting quarterback just a few days ago.  In his press conference on Tuesday, Mallett was visibly upset and stated that he did not agree with the decision.

Are things beginning to unravel between Mallett and O'Brien?

The Texans fielded four quarterbacks in 2014 due to performance and injury issues.  They really need all three of these quarterbacks for the 2015 season, so let's hope this isn't something that leads to Mallett's departure from the team.

Hopefully it was just a day off for personal reasons, but it sure looks like it might be more than that.  If it is, will the "Hard Knocks" team capture all the potential drama unfolding with the Houston Texans?

Image caption reference: If there is something more to this, I envision Mallett going off like John Favreau as Chef Carl Casper in the movie "Chef."

"You're not getting to me!"