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Arian Foster Injury Update: Foster Now Expected Back Between Weeks 2-4?

Arian Foster's prognosis seems to be getting better and better as time rolls on. Jayson Braddock is now reporting perhaps the best news yet for the Texans' star running back.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s Jayson Braddock is reporting that Arian Foster’s devastating groin injury might not be so devastating after all with a new (and surprising) expected return date of between weeks 2-4.

Foster was originally looking to be back sometime in the middle of October or November, which would have been somewhere between Weeks 5-8, but obviously that time table has been substantially accelerated if Braddock’s report is true. The Texans' offense is an entirely different animal with Foster on the field. His game-changing combination of size, quickness, and uncanny vision is irreplaceable.  Having him back in the lineup in any capacity gives the ground game a huge boost.

Get well soon, Arian. We’re rooting for you.