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Report: Here's Why Ryan Mallett Missed Practice Today

Ryan Mallett very publicly lost the competition to be the Texans' starting quarterback on "Hard Knocks" a few days ago. Today he failed to show up for practice, and everyone had a theory why. Now we're hearing why Mallett was AWOL this morning. Is it believable?

Ugh...where's the snooze button?
Ugh...where's the snooze button?
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

It's been an eventful last few days at NRG Park. The timeline:

Monday: Bill O'Brien chooses Brian Hoyer as the Texans' starting quarterback over Ryan Mallett. Thanks to "Hard Knocks," everyone with an internet connection can watch the Texans' head coach breaking the news to his QBs here for all eternity.

Tuesday: Ryan Mallett meets with the media, making no bones about his disappointment in O'Brien's decision and expressing his opinion that he believed he'd done enough to win the job.

Wednesday: All's quiet. Almost too quiet.

Thursday: Reporters notice that Ryan Mallett was not on the practice field this morning. Bill O'Brien confirms that Mallett wasn't at practice, attributing Mallett's absence to "a personal issue" and declining to give any further details.

Speculation immediately ran wild as to why Mallett missed practice, especially in light of Mallett's evident and public frustration about not being named the starter three days before. Was he pouting? Was he trying to send a message? Was it something not related to football at all?

John McClain is reporting that Mallett simply needs a new alarm clock.

It's highly unlikely Bill O'Brien or anyone else with the team will ever confirm or deny the accuracy of McClain's report. My question is whether you're buying McClain's report. If in fact you do think McClain is getting solid information, I think we can all agree this is not a good look for Mallett regardless, and certainly not as he's seemingly trying to show O'Brien he made a mistake choosing Hoyer over him.  Will Mallett's mistake cast any sort of pall over his chances of displacing Hoyer?  Or is this much ado about nothing?

Throw your two cents in via the Comments below.

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