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Saturday NFL Preseason Live: 11 Games To Enjoy!

We should have around eight continuous hours of glorious football to entertain us this evening. Come talk about it with the rest of BRB here!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

We've got 11 whole games on tap for you today as we enter the meat of the preseason's third week. The Texans, of course, are not playing in any of those games, so we get to sit back and enjoy some stress-free football for the entire afternoon. There are many worse ways to spend a Saturday, ladies and gentlemen. Many. Worse. Ways.

Here is a quick run down on the games that kick off today, as well as their start times. If the games are not being shown in your area on TV, you can always stream them online if you have an NFL GamePass account.

Steelers @ Bills - 3:00 PM CT (National game on NFL Network)

Vikings @ Cowboys - 6:00 PM CT

Falcons @ Dolphins - 6:00 PM CT

Jets @ Giants - 6:00 PM CT

Browns @ Buccaneers - 6:00 PM CT

Redskins @ Ravens - 6:30 PM CT

Bears @ Bengals - 6:30 PM CT

Eagles @ Packers - 7:00 PM CT

Seahawks @ Chargers - 7:00 PM CT (National game on CBS)

Colts @ Rams - 7:00 PM CT

49ers @ Broncos - 8:00 PM CT

Consider this your open thread for today's slate of games. What are you watching, and what are your impressions of the clearly inferior non-Texans teams that are on the field?