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Texans-Saints Final Score: Texans 27, Saints 13

The Texans beat the Saints, and there were quite a few big plays to give us reason to be excited about the upcoming regular season. Talk about it on Battle Red Blog.

Clearly a touchdown!
Clearly a touchdown!
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps Roger Goodell and the NFL could focus a bit more on finding officials who are not legally blind, rather than pestering Tom Brady and the Patriots about ball inflation.  I mean, let's face it, the Patriots could have beaten the pathetic Colts with under-inflated beach balls in that AFC Championship game.  Indy would still have their lovely "AFC Finalist" banners either way, so what's the big deal?

Meanwhile, it is obvious that a better ocular health program is needed for the NFL officiating crews, because....

Earlier this week, the Texans released Stevie Brown to give him a head start on finding another team ahead of league-wide cuts after this weekend.  I think we know why now:

Also, that move up to draft Jaelen Strong seems to have been a good decision:

Ryan Mallett must have invested in a new alarm clock, because he was wide awake today and rose to the occasion in the third preseason game with a strong showing:

I'm convinced more than ever that Kevin Johnson will be the top defensive back for the Houston Texans very soon.  He is playing better than any rookie corner I have seen in decades.

I don't care if it was called back for a holding penalty. Charles James' touchdown run in the fourth quarter was the exclamation point on a preseason that shows what can happen for a player who puts his heart into whatever the team asks them to do.  Defensive back, running back, "happy sock" model...this guy wins the 2015 Houston Texans training camp in my humble opinion.

There were no major injuries today!

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