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Texans-Saints Live: Second Quarter Open Thread

It's almost like real football! Continue the discussion here.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Quick reactions to the first quarter:

-Glad to see the defense hold the Saints to a FG on the first drive. Especially since, aside from the first running play, the New Orleans offensive line was having their way with the Texans' Watt-less defensive line.

-Not sure how Andre Hal didn't draw a flag on the end zone coverage, but good for him.

-By my count, New Orleans used 147 running backs in that first drive.

-Not so much an observation about the first quarter, but an observation generally: Zach Hocker, the pride of Russellville, AR, is not a good FG kicker. But at least it's not like the NFL moved the extra points back to FG distance this year or anything.

-The best thing about the throw-and-catch from Brian Hoyer to DeAndre Hopkins up the right sideline was the savvy Hopkins showed, not putting his hands up for the ball until the very last second. That's veteran stuff right there, kids.

-If the Texans' first drive is any indication, the Saints' D is already in mid-season form.

-Dear NFL referees: I realize that most people could not possibly have caught that ball in the end zone. But most people also need two hands to catch a pass and can't Spiderman one arm under an interfering defender. DeAndre Hopkins is not most people. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

-Alfred Blue is...cromulent? I can't really think of an appropriate adjective.

-John Simon, showin' out.

-Tim Hightower is also a Saints running back. I wouldn't be shocked if Otis Anderson rolled out there at some point.

-Keshawn Martin sighting. Every time that happens, I hope it's the last.

-The problem with playing the Saints when you are trying to sort out a logjam at running back is that they make every running back look above average.

-Keith Mumphery, Sparty-ness notwithstanding, is someone I am pulling for.

-"They don't want to ask Brian Hoyer to have to win a game for them." -Joe Buck. Because THAT is something you want people saying about your QB in the NFL.

-Over/under on the amount of gumbo Vince Wilfork has eaten in NOLA this weekend: 8.5 gallons.

-Correction, Troy Aikman: J.J. Watt is all that's good in the world, not just the league.

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