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With Arian Foster Out, What Are The Texans' Options At Running Back?

You don't replace Arian Foster, yet the Houston Texans may well be in the market for another RB after today's news. Who's out there, and what do Texans fans think the team should do to address the void?

Would you trade for Christine Michael?
Would you trade for Christine Michael?
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Tough as it might be, we must face the reality of an Arian Foster-less existence for a significant portion of the 2015 NFL season. The other running backs on Houston's current training camp roster are Alfred Blue, Jonathan Grimes, Kenny Hilliard, and Chris Polk.  Do you believe one or more of those players can step up in Foster's absence?

If you answered that question in the negative, adding an unemployed RB is always an option.  Some available free agents:

Or could the Texans look to Seattle in an attempt to acquire one of Marshawn Lynch's backups (Christine Michael or Robert Turbin)?

None of these players, even on their best day, approximates Arian Foster. But you aren't adding a talent of Foster's ilk at this stage of the game. What would you do if you were Rick Smith?