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Houston Texans Will Work Out Two Other Running Backs In Addition To Pierre Thomas

Pierre Thomas isn't the only running back the Texans are looking at in the wake of Arian Foster's injury. See what two other veterans are scheduled to audition for Houston.

Another possible candidate to sign with the Texans.
Another possible candidate to sign with the Texans.
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Arian Foster's reported upcoming surgery and subsequent unavailability will result in at least three (3) free agent running backs getting a shot at a contract with the Texans. You already knew Pierre Thomas was one of them; here's the word on the identities of the other two.

While Thomas is apparently the prohibitive favorite to get signed by the Texans, he still has to pass a physical. McKnight and Malena, the latter of whom has some experience with this offense under Bill O'Brien, shouldn't be dismissed out of hand just yet.