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Arian Foster To Get Second Opinion On Injury, Surgery Scheduled For Friday

Here's the latest on the ongoing saga that is the Arian Foster injury, complete with a recap of what has gotten us to this point.

We can't believe it either, Arian.
We can't believe it either, Arian.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

On the last episode of "As Arian Foster Turns," we learned that Pierre Thomas didn't actually sign with the Texans despite all signs pointing to precisely that happening. What will be the team's next move as they seek to supplement their running back corps? Another free agent? A trade? A gift basket and a handwritten note sent to Stacey Mack's last known address? You'll have to stay tuned in to find out!

Oh, and Arian Foster is flying to Philadelphia to get a second opinion on his groin injury and he's tentatively scheduled to have surgery on Monday. Or Friday (see below).


According to John McClain and Adam Schefter, it looks like Foster's surgery will actually be this Friday, not next Monday as originally reported.