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Report: Arian Foster Expected To Be Placed On Injured Reserve With Designation To Return, Will Miss At Least Eight Games

While Texans fans won't get the pleasure of watching Arian Foster when the regular season opens, it doesn't mean he's lost for the entire year. Find out more about the NFL's short-term injured reserve designation.

Cincy, here he comes?
Cincy, here he comes?
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It appears what was initially speculated yesterday will come to pass. After Arian Foster undergoes surgery in two days, he'll be IR'd with the hope that he can return to practice after Week 6 and suit up for the Texans' Monday night game against the Bengals in Week 10.

Here's a primer on the requirements of the NFL's short-term injured reserve designation. In short, the Texans can utilize this rule for one player per year, and it prohibits that player from practicing until the conclusion of Week 6 and from playing until after Week 8. With the Texans having their bye in Week 9 this year, Week 10 would be the earliest Texans fans could hope to see Foster back in a game.  Of course, as with any player's return from injury, there's no guarantee that Foster will be ready on November 16th.

Another point worth mentioning in reaction to another tweet from John McClain...

Assuming we take McClain's description of Dr. Myers "reattach[ing] muscle to the bone" at face value, it would appear Pete Prisco's statement that Foster's groin was torn off the bone was accurate. Everyone recovers differently, and running backs are not defensive linemen, but Seth Payne relayed a story that might provide a shred of sunlight into the gloom in which Texans fans have been immersed.

That's where we are.  More to follow, I reckon.