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2015 Hall of Fame Game: Minnesota Vikings vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

It's Sunday and there is a football game on. If you aren't watching along with the rest of Battle Red Blog, we will all be very, very disappointed in you.

You're still my boy, Teddy. You'll always have my heart...
You're still my boy, Teddy. You'll always have my heart...
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

It might only be entertaining for the first few series, but we actually have an honest to goodness football game to watch today! Rejoice, my brothers and sisters, as the Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers trot out their third and fourth stringers to engage in a brutal battle for precious few roster spots. The headliners for tonight’s action are of course Teddy Bridgewater, famed heartthrob of BRB readers everywhere, as well as a host of young potential defensive super stars like Ryan Shazier, Eric Kendricks, and Bud Dupree. For you fantasy players out there, I highly recommend you keep an eye on Vikings receiver Charles Johnson as well.

Here is some info on how and when to watch the game if you don’t have it already:

Game Time: 8:00 PM EST, 0100 Zulu

Network: NBC/Armed Forces Network Sports

What are you looking for in tonight’s matchup, BRB? Consider this your open thread for however long you consider this game remotely watchable.