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Houston Texans Injury News: Mike Mohamed Out For Season Opener Against Chiefs

The Texans will be without one of their starting linebackers on Sunday against the Chiefs. Battle Red Blog takes a look at how that could affect the what Houston's defense does. Oh, and a positive update on Arian Foster is in this post as well.

Notice the tight end.
Notice the tight end.
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

You knew the Texans would be without Arian Foster and Xavier Su'a-Filo for their season opener against the Chiefs on Sunday. Unfortunately, it appears the Texans will also be missing one of their starting inside linebackers as well.

Texans fans know how underrated and important Mohamed is to Houston's defense, so this qualifies as a real blow. And that's before you realize that the Chiefs' offense prominently features Travis Kelce, a player Mohamed likely would have had a significant role in attempting to defend on Sunday. Akeem Dent is solid against the run, but asking him to cover Kelce in space does not fill me with confidence.

So how does the defensive game plan change now? Will Romeo Crennel ask Brian Cushing to handle Kelce? Kevin Johnson? Quentin Demps? Rahim Moore? Mohamed's absence could have a profound effect on how the Texans scheme against the Chiefs.

Lest you think it's nothing but bad news, I leave you with this shot of optimism.

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