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2015 Fantasy Football Advice: Week 1 DFS Picks

Brett and Ryan take a walk into the wild blue yonder with FanDuel and make some recommendations for this week's games.

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Editor's Note: FanDuel is running a $1,000,000 fantasy football league in week 1. The Top 46,000 teams win cash with $100,000 paid to first place. Join now!


Football is back, so of course fantasy football is back as well. Unlike years past, everyone is bombarded on every sports telecast with commercials for daily fantasy sports. So Brett and I thought we would a service for the fine people of BRB and give our recommendations on a weekly basis. Here goes nothing.

Week 1 Lineups
Brett Cost Ryan Cost
QB $5,000 $8,800
RB 1 $8,500 Eddie Lacy $8,500
RB 2 $6,900 $6,400
WR 1 $8,500 $8,700
WR 2 $8,300 $6,900
WR 3 $6,800 $5,500
TE $6,900 $5,900
K $4,500 Andrew Franks $4,500
DEF $4,500 $4,700


Brett: Taylor is dirt cheap as a Week One play because of the Bills' previously wide open QB competition. He's a great value, and I'm hoping to get some extra points from his running ability as well.

Ryan: I expect Ryan to come out hot, as the Eagles allowed the third most fantasy points per game to quarterbacks (23.9) in 2014.

Running back

Brett: Martin and Lacy are both the lead backs on teams that I expect to win big this week. The Titans' defense can't stop a nose bleed, and the Bears get to be the unfortunate recipient of Green Bay's fury after their terrible exit in the NFC Championship Game last year. I expect double-digit points from both of them.

Ryan: I agree with Brett about Lacey, and Ivory faces a defense that gave up the most rushing yards in the league in 2014.

Wide receivers

Brett: When picking wide receivers on FanDuel, I want touchdown potential first and foremost. All three of these guys will be utilized heavily in the red zone, and I think there is a decent shot at 4-6 total TDs from this group this week. Megatron and A.J. Green are obvious plays, but Jordan Matthews might sneak into big points this week as well. He is the primary slot receiver in Philly, and Atlanta's slot corner situation is...shall we say, deficient?

Ryan: I second that comment about touchdowns. Adams will replace Jordy Nelson in the Packers' offense and is a steal at that price. I expect the Cowboys and Dolphins to destroy their opponents in Week One, so why not take their top receiving options?

Tight end

Brett: Tight end is a toss up this week between a bunch of different guys. I'll just go with the one who I think has the best chance to be used on the goal line.

Ryan: Olsen is Cam Newton's best option in the passing game. He'll be looking for him in the red zone.


Brett: Miami is probably going to blow Washington out of the water this weekend, which means a good number of points for their kicker, Andrew Franks. I'll take those odds.

Ryan: I agree with Brett 100%.



Ryan: Again, I don't suspect Washington's offense to get going against the Dolphins' new look defense. Feast on Kirk Cousins and take the water mammals.

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