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Texans v. Chiefs: New (Unofficial) Houston Texans Depth Chart

Howdy folks. I bring great tidings. We got a new unofficial depth chart. Click in to see the changes afoot for the Texans this season. Praise, belittle, and meh about what you expect to see inside.

I will sacrifice one of Tru's goats if I never, ever have to see this again.
I will sacrifice one of Tru's goats if I never, ever have to see this again.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

According to this nifty unofficial depth chart...

...Keshawn Martin has finally been demoted in the return game. I recognize that this is because K-Mart is such a beast at returning that we thought it was unfair to keep trotting him out there, only for him to produce returns that make Texans fans stare in amazement. Instead of the eye-opening returns we regularly saw from K-Mart, we'll be seeing starting strong safety Quintin Demps as the first KR on the depth chart, with rookie WR Keith Mumphery as the preferred PR. That means K-Mart is third on the depth chart at KR behind the aforementioned Demps and Mumphery. He's second on the depth chart at PR behind Mumphery, but before Cecil Shorts III.

We also see that Kendall Lamm, a name known to diehards due to Tom Savage's season-ending injury, is the third string LT. 2014 second-round pick Xavier Su'a-Filo, whose young career has been blighted by absence (due to UCLA being on the quarter system and NFL rules), injury (high ankle this time), and ineptitude (his own fault), is the second string LG behind Jeff Adams.

What say you? Are there any surprises in this unofficial depth chart as the Texans prepare to face the Chiefs tomorrow? Did you squee with glee when you saw K-Mart being demoted like I did (you can admit it, we all know you did)? Anything you disagree with? Are you the lone holdout who thinks K-Mart should be the starting WR1, starting KR and starting PR? If so, hi, Mrs. Martin. We think your son is a nice fellow, but we like him more on the bench.

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