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Chiefs v. Texans: Eric Berry, Jadeveon Clowney And Other Things To Watch For

Here's a handy viewing guide for what to watch for when the Houston Texans open the season against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Four things, in no particular order, for fans to keep an eye on when the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs face off at NRG Stadium tomorrow at 12 p.m. CDT...

4. Eric Berry returning to the field after beating cancer

Anyone beating cancer and returning to do what they love is something to celebrate. Watch out for Eric Berry (#29) and take a second to appreciate what it must have taken to get back on the football field after getting diagnosed with cancer in December of last year.

Take another second and send some positive energies to David Quessenberry, who's in remission and aiming for a return in 2016.

Take one more second and send some more positive energy to anyone you know that is also fighting cancer. Cancer sucks.

3. Jadeveon Clowney

We know that he's on a limited snap count for the game, but we're all dying to see him back in action after recovering from microfracture surgery. I expect that the coaching staff will keep things simple for Clowney and trot him out there on passing downs only.

At the same time, I promise myself that I won't overreact if he's largely invisible for most of the game, and you should too. Don't go nuts if he looks a little indecisive or hesitant out there.

2. Duane Brown and Derek Newton vs. Tamba Hali and Justin Houston

Can Derek Newton repeat his impressive performance from 2014? Is Duane Brown still considered elite? They'll be facing off against one of the top edge-rushing combinations in the NFL.

Hali and Houston combined for 3 sacks when they faced Case Keenum and the Texans back in 2013.

1. Brian Hoyer

Uh, duh. Just like all eyes were on Tom Savage when he made the start against the Dallas Cowboys last week, the city of Houston is eager to see what Brian Hoyer looks like at quarterback now that the snaps matter.

To expand on #2, Hoyer will have to know what's coming and from where against a stout defensive front to eliminate costly sacks. A quick, decisive release will be necessary to help his offensive line build some confidence.

That's what I'll be looking for tomorrow. How about you? Let us hear it down in the comments.

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