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Open Game Day Thread: Chiefs @ Texans, Third Quarter

"Houston, we have a problem!" Continue the conversation as the Texans host the Chiefs in this first game of the regular season.

The first half was all about Travis Kelce.
The first half was all about Travis Kelce.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Second Quarter Notes:

  • It's very difficult to stop a team that's so quick, organized, and not allowing Watt, Clowney, and the rest up the field to pressure Smith.
  • Seriously, LOL @ Hoyer.
  • While Kevin Johnson's hit on Travis Kelce is great teevee, I'd rather see a fundamental tackle. We've seen enough shoulder tackle misses from our defensive backs lately, thanks, anyway.
  • Great to see Eric Berry on the field.
  • Grimes > Polk >>>>>>> Blue
  • There aren't enough superlatives for JJ Watt.
  • JFF just game me #QBLust. That's depressing.
  • Even a turnstile puts up a bigger fight, Jeff Adams.
  • The difference is that Smith allows his receivers to run with the ball after the catch (Kelce excepted) while Hoyer makes his twist and dive for his throws.
  • Newton gives up the sack to Houston, but you can't hold on to the ball forever. Newton's been fantastic until that play.
  • Hopkins has been targeted once, and there's two minutes left in the half. Is he the new Andre?
  • Hoyer's pocket awareness is terrible, just terrible.

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