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Open Game Day Thread: Chiefs @ Texans, Fourth Quarter

So this is happening...

Yeah, I'm just trolling y'all.
Yeah, I'm just trolling y'all.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Fourth Quarter Notes:

  • Hey, look, DeAndre Hopkins DOES exist.
  • Hoyer missed a guy from seven yards, hitting a defender in the leg with a pass.
  • I've noticed Kareem Jackson blitzing a couple times.  I like using him like this.
  • Jadeveon Clowney stops Jamaal Charles for a 4th down.  Nice play by he and Jackson.
  • Marciano is still coaching special teams.  Who knew?
  • Alex Smith with a throw to Jeremy Maclin, who makes a fantastic catch for 39 yards.  It'soverturned, but that's a great example of what Maclin gives them.
  • Again, I'm very impressed with the job the offensive line is doing this game.  Both Derek Newton and Duane Brown have had good games against great edge rushers.
  • Hoyer with a 32 yard completion to Nate Washington, who was wide open.
  • By my count after the challenged confirmed catch and ensuing drop, Hopkins has been targeted just four times this game.  Four.  Now five.  Still terrible.
  • The team is down 27-9, and there's no sense of urgency AT ALL to push the offense.
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