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Sunday Night Football: New York Giants v. Dallas Cowboys

Hola, peoples. The first Sunday Night football game of the 2015 is about to start. Talk about it on BRB.

Go Big Blue! Beat Dallas!
Go Big Blue! Beat Dallas!
Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

NFC East division rivals New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys will be battling in Arlington, Texas, for the upper hand in the division. The Giants recently re-committed to Eli Manning, extending him for another four years, in the hopes that he can again catch lightning in a bottle and lead them to a Super Bowl victory again. They boast Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham, Jr. to help them out over the season, but a fireworks accident has robbed the team of Jason Pierre-Paul's services for the time being. Even so, Big Blue has traveled to Southern Oklahoma for this game.

The Cowboys extended Dez Bryant, thereby giving Tony Romo his full complement of weapons to go along with Jason Witten and the best OL in the NFL. Their defense lost Orlando Scandrick to injury, but Sean Lee returns, so this should be an interesting matchup this evening.

A more interesting--to me--matchup this evening will occur between Tom Coughlin and Jason Garrett. Coughlin recently got a one-year extension, thereby nominally removing him from lame duck status, but there's no doubt Jerry Reese isn't prepared to commit to him long-term. Likewise, Jason Garrett has long been rumored to be on the hot seat in Arlington. How these teams show out this season could go a long way in determining how many head coaching positions open up in the NFCE next season.

This is your open thread for the night.