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Video: J.J. Watt Cannot Be Stopped; Sacks Alex Smith Without Helmet

No helmet, no problem. Check out the video of J.J. Watt adding to his legend against the Chiefs.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The bar at which J.J. Watt lives is a pretty high level at this point. But he once again found a way on Sunday against the Chiefs.

The Chiefs had the ball on the Texans' 33 yard line. It was second down with 11 yards to go. Watt lined up outside of the Kansas City right tackle, Jah Reid. Watt blew past Reid. Reid jammed his hand under Watt's face mask so violently that it forced his helmet off, eventually resulting a penalty on Reid.

It didn't stop Watt.  He ensnared Alex Smith for his first of two sacks on the day.

I have to imagine the conversation between Reid and Chiefs offensive line coach Andy Heck went something like this.

Heck: "We have to stop Watt by any means necessary."

Reid: "Coach, I did. I took his helmet off."

Heck: "What happened after that?"

Reid: "He still go the sack."

Heck: "I give up."

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