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Randy Bullock Made NFL History In Texans' Loss To Chiefs

Randy Bullock will always be a Texans kicker when good, and always be an Aggie kicker (to non-A&M fans) when bad. But you can never take away the fact that he made NFL history in the Texans' loss to Kansas City last week.

History witnessed.
History witnessed.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

At one point, the Houston Texans were down 14-0 to the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday.  The Texans cut the lead to 8 points with a touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins.  Randy Bullock went out to kick the extra point. Bullock was 66-for-66 on PATs in his career entering Sunday's game.

The only thing different on this most recent attempt was the distance of the extra point. Bullock would now be kicking from 32 yards away instead of 19 yards away. Bullock stepped up and kicked, and the attempt sliced right of the goal post. Bullock is now 66-for-67 on his career and has cemented his place in NFL lore by becoming the first kicker to miss a PAT from the new distance.

The Texans kicker said of the kick to the Houston Chronicle's Aaron Wilson:

"Honestly, I thought I hit it pretty well," Bullock said Monday. "I hit it pretty well. It just tailed off more than anything. That's the impact of the new rule. It's not a routine play."

After the missed extra point, Bullock went on to convert field goals from 34 and 47 yards.

"It happened early in the game," Bullock said. "You have to focus because there's a lot of game left and do your job."

Kidding aside, Bullock shouldn't feel lonesome.  A total of four (4) PATs were missed on the day.

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