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NFL Power Rankings 2015: Texans Ranked Among The Worst Teams In The League After Week One

The Texans took a massive hit in public perception last weekend, as their defeat against the Chiefs has them in a tail spin among notable power rankers.

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A thousand words.
A thousand words.
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It is a Tuesday in September, which means the time has come for every sports fan in America to release his weekly power rankings. Rather than leave all of you to search Google high and low for lists from every major sports news outlet, we here at BRB have compiled a table that combines all of the rankings into one post. Enjoy!

Side note: Seriously, Bleacher Report? Seriously?



Last Week


SB Nation


18 (down 5)




20 (down 6)

Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallett? Hoyer's 12.3 Total QBR in Week 1 was second worst in the NFL. Mallett posted an 85.9 QBR in relief.


20 (down 5)

Sorry you had to sit through those first three quarters, Texans fans. Despite all the talk about the quarterback position in Houston, Kansas City's offense did what it wanted to do against the vaunted Texans defense. One play that particularly stood out was Travis Kelce's second touchdown, a long catch-and-run with the closest Houston defender having a beer at Gilley's. (Sadly, yet, it's still closed.)

Bleacher Report


28 (down 4)

The Houston Texans have a group of replacement-level quarterbacks, and that's being generous. Hoyer was horrendously ineffective before being yanked in favor of Ryan Mallett during the fourth quarter of a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Fox Sports


15 (down 10)

The Texans’ offense relied heavily on DeAndre Hopkins, and he delivered, but it wasn’t enough. The current quarterback controversy is less concerning than the performance by the Texans’ defense against Alex Smith.

USA Today


21 (down 3)

You're probably focused on the on-again QB battle. But did you notice J.J. Watt is on pace for 32 sacks?!?

Yahoo Sports


20 (down 3)

Sunday was another reminder of how badly the Texans screwed up the 2014 draft. They still don't have a quarterback. The Brian Hoyer thing didn't even last four quarters before he was yanked. And this season, they'll still probably win enough games that they won't be able to draft one of the top quarterbacks in 2016.

CBS Sports


20 (down 7)

Was that an aberration against the Chiefs or is that who they are? They have quarterback issues in a big way.

Washington Post


17 (down 8)

It didn’t take long for Coach Bill O’Brien to revisit his decision of Brian Hoyer over Ryan Mallett at QB. That’s not a promising early sign about the offense being able to do its part and give J.J. Watt the help he needs to make this a playoff team.



19.9 (down 4.7)


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