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Houston Texans Place Ryan Griffin On Injured Reserve With Designation To Return

The "significant time" Bill O'Brien alluded to Texans tight end Ryan Griffin missing after getting injured in the Chiefs game will include at least six weeks of no practice and more than that in missed games.

IR'd, but he'll be back.
IR'd, but he'll be back.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

After Arian Foster suffered a serious groin injury in training camp, word was that the Texans would place their star running back on Injured Reserve with a designation to return. When the team released its initial 53-man roster for the 2015 season, however, Foster's name was on it, meaning the team still had that silver bullet to fire if necessary later in the season.

Consider it fired.

As reported yesterday, the Texans' tight end was expected to miss "significant time" after getting hurt in the loss to the Chiefs, and now we know exactly how significant it will have to be under NFL rules.

Being without Griffin for that amount of time would seem to portend that the Texans will sign another tight end to the active roster. Whoever it is will join a position group that currently features C.J. Fiedorowicz and Garrett Graham.

UPDATE (5:03 p.m. CDT): That third tight end? Apparently not happening before Sunday's game against the Panthers.

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