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Report: Ryan Mallett Will Be Texans' Starting Quarterback Against Panthers

Ian Rapoport says the Texans have made a change at QB for their second game of the 2015 NFL season, and that Ryan Mallett, not Brian Hoyer, will be under center this week. Texans fans react on Battle Red Blog.

It's Mallett time.
It's Mallett time.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the first report about who will in fact be the starting quarterback for your Houston Texans against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday:

After pulling Brian Hoyer in the fourth quarter of the Texans' season-opening loss to the Chiefs, Bill O'Brien refused to publicly announce who would start at quarterback for Houston in Carolina this week. That didn't keep Texans fans from speculating who it would be, or who it should be, or whether one game was enough of a reason to change QBs already.

It now seems as though the Texans have in fact made a change at the game's most important position a mere week into the season. What's your reaction to the news?  Does it change the way you feel about Bill O'Brien?  Is this proof his decision to name Hoyer the starter was a mistake (don't forget that it's immortalized on "Hard Knocks" for all eternity)? Even if you thought it was just a matter of time before Mallett got his shot, are you surprised it happened so quickly? Share your thoughts below.

UPDATE (1:15 p.m. CDT): Now that Mark Berman is confirming Rapoport's report, I think this thing has legs.

UPDATE II: One final bit of confirmation...

UPDATE (1:58 p.m. CDT on 09/17/15): Bill O'Brien just made it official.

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