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2015 Fantasy Football Advice: Week 2 DFS Picks

Brett and Ryan take a walk into the wild blue yonder with FanDuel and make some recommendations for this week's games.

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Editor's Note: FanDuel is running a $1,000,000 fantasy football league in week 2. The Top 46,000 teams win cash with $100,000 paid to first place. Join now!


It's Week Two. Time for more fantasy football advice. Brett and I both left some money on the table last week, Brett's lineup reached 88.7 points and mine scored 111.52. We'll have to get back at this week.

Week 2 Lineups:
Brett Cost Ryan Cost
QB $8,000 $7,800
RB 1 $6,900 $7,300
RB 2 $6,500 $7,000
WR 1 $8,800 $9,200
WR 2 $7,100 Julio Jones $8,800
WR 3 $6,600 $5,400
TE $7,100 $5,100
K $4,500 $4,500
DEF $4,400 $4,900


Brett: Tannehill is a good value option against an awful Jags secondary. He and Jarvis Landry should both be huge plays this week.

Ryan: Carson Palmer threw for 11 touchdowns in the six games he played last season. He threw three last week. Time to ride Carson.

Running back:

Brett: Coleman is a home run threat that can explode for big point totals on any given snap. I'll roll those dice with a smile. Ivory showed up well last week, and now he gets to face a soft Colts run D in prime time. I'll take that.

Ryan: With my wide receiver choices, I had to go cheaper with the running backs. I'm rolling with the Hyde hype train.

Wide receivers:

Brett: Julio is unstoppable no matter who is covering him, Landry will get below average Jags corners, and Sammy Watkins is way too talented to put up zero points again anytime soon. I'm comfortable with this group considering their prices.

Ryan: I'm testing a theory of paying the most for wide receivers over any position, so I took the top two wideouts this week. Pierre Garcon will be the top option in Washington; eery team has to throw the ball, I guess.

Tight end:

Brett: Graham was good to me last week, so I'll stick with him. It helps that Green Bay is kind of murky at inside linebacker and safety right now as well.

Ryan: The Steelers got steamrolled by the Gronk, so I'm guessing the 49ers see that game film and get Davis the ball.


Brett: Same for Franks. I'm not fixing what isn't broken.

Ryan: I agree with Brett 100%.


Brett: The Bills were the best defense that I could still afford. I'm not wild about the matchup with the Patriots, but if they can shut down the Colts, they can shut down anyone.

Ryan: The Rams are facing Washington. Need I say more?

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